Sports Performance Training1

The coaches at Spear have experience working with athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, World Championships and the Olympics. SPEAR offers specialized training for athletes of all ages and abilities for in season and off season programs.

Our programs are designed specifically for the biomechanical and physiological demands of each individual’s sport. We design a program for long term athletic development, starting out with the incorporation of exercises that help fix structural imbalances due to weak musculature or repetitive overuse patterns so that injuries can be prevented. This approach allows for greater strength gains to happen more efficiently by establishing a strong foundation to build upon which will ultimately help you to reach your full genetic potential. Each training phase builds on the previous one leading to increased strength over time and maximized results!

This approach has been proven time after time in preparing athletes for their competitive season by enhancing their strength, power, speed, explosiveness, agility and overall performance. We can help athletes mitigate injury through proper instruction and execution of correct exercise techniques. Athletics can be unpredictable and injuries do occur. When they do, we can help get the athlete back to full strength faster so they can get back to competition.

Private and semi private options available. (we recommend no more than 4 people per semi private)