Athlete Testimonials


“Personally Jon and his team at S.P.E.A.R. are one of the best at what they do. One word to describe him would definitely be innovative! You won’t find a more unique trainer, workout regimen, and gym gadgets. You’re going to work muscles you never knew existed. Everyday is a surprise. Seriously, I’m grateful to have met him, because I know he can help me elevate my game to the next level. But don’t waste his time and he definitely won’t waste yours!”

David Bass
NFL Outside Linebacker

“Jon pushed me to be better every day. He pushed me to become stronger and to improve my work ethic in the weight room and it translated into the court. Whether it was stretching or working out and maybe even both in the same day, I know I was getting better every time I put in the work with Jon. He elevated my game, work ethic, and my nutrition habits to another level! Thanks Jon and SPEAR Training for Everything!”

Jalen Brunson
NBA Point Guard

“Working with Jon at SPEAR was definitely a great experience for me. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. There’s no doubt I’ve gotten bigger, stronger, faster, and more explosive from working with him. I am definitely looking forward to working with Jon at SPEAR for many off seasons to come.”

Mike Jordon
NFL Defensive Back

“The work I did with Jon at Spear translated extremely well to my workouts once I started practicing with my team. During the offseason we worked on on my weaknesses and structural balance issues. The workouts gave me a total body strength and most importantly made me feel good once on the field.”

Cornelius Washington
NFL Defensive End

“When I started working out with Jon/Spear 2 years ago, I immediately noticed a difference when playing basketball. Working out with him has increased my strength and athletic ability tremendously. He has helped increase my vertical by 4 inches, gain 19 pounds of muscle in an offseason, and increased my speed and quickness. I really enjoy working out with Jon at Spear because they’ve established an environment that focuses on getting you better. A lot of my success so far as an athlete, can be attributed to Jon and what we’ve done at Spear.”

Justin Smith
Forward, Indiana University
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