Fitness Education

Step into a realm of innovation and education at the SPEAR Training Center, where the pursuit of knowledge meets the passion for fitness and wellness. Here, we are not just a training facility; we are a hub of continuous growth and learning.

At SPEAR, we are driven by the belief that knowledge is the key to unlocking one’s full potential. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our pursuit of the latest advancements, techniques, and methodologies. We understand the power of sharing knowledge, and we are dedicated to cultivating a community of learners. Through our engaging seminars and certifications, we aim to empower trainers, enthusiasts, and individuals alike to reach new heights of understanding and achievement.


SPEAR Training Center takes pride in being at the forefront of education when it comes to the fields of strength & conditioning, sports medicine, and health & wellness. The staff continuously attends conferences and certifications to further their knowledge pertaining to training, nutrition, supplementation, soft tissue work, and body healing.

They believe that the best way to learn is to teach, so they take what they learn and share it with other trainers and clients by holding seminars and certifications on-site at the SPEAR Training Center. They are a proud partner of the Poliquin Group and Fascial Stretch Therapy and periodically hold certifications and educational lectures to help other trainers and everyday individuals grow intellectually as well. Keep an eye open for news on upcoming seminars and certifications coming to SPEAR!

Internships/ Mentorships

SPEAR Training Center offers internships/ mentorships to those looking to better themselves and learn more about strength and conditioning. There are two options for internships here at SPEAR.


Acquire college credit
Fee: None
4-12 week internship

For: college students studying toward a degree in an exercise science-related field and requiring hands-on experience.


5 Day Mentorship
Fee: TBD
For: Trainers and Strength Coaches. Anyone who would like to learn from some of the area’s top strength coaches.

You will work alongside a coach for five days at SPEAR. This would include educating the trainer on proper training techniques and program design. Instruction would be hands-on, and the internet would have the opportunity to train with us themselves and train clients under the supervision of one of our top strength coaches. It will also include a one-hour private one-on-one Q and A or training session each day.
For more information on internships, email SPEAR at