Sports Performance Training

At SPEAR Training Center, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and sports performance aspirations with expert guidance and a supportive community atmosphere. Our classes are designed to push your limits and enhance your performance. We offer options to suit your goals and preferences.

Tailored Programs for Athletic Excellence

Our programs are designed specifically for the biomechanical and physiological demands of each individual’s sport. We design a program for long-term athletic development, starting with exercises that help fix structural imbalances due to weak musculature or repetitive overuse patterns so that injuries can be prevented.

Building a Strong Foundation

SPEAR programs allow greater strength gains to happen more efficiently by establishing a strong foundation based off structural balance. This will ultimately help you reach your full strength potential. Each training phase builds on the previous one, increasing strength over time and maximizing results!

Proven Performance Enhancement

Our approach has been proven time and time again to prepare athletes for their competitive season by enhancing their strength, power, speed, explosiveness, agility, and overall performance. Our emphasis on programming properly for in-season training helps mitigate the loss of strength and muscle mass which has a direct correlation to the susceptibility of injuries that can often happen during long competive seasons. Training in season helps maintain the integrity of the tissues so they can continue to handle the stresses of impact and absorb forces during competition.

Injury Prevention and Recovery

We can help athletes mitigate injury through proper instruction and execution of correct exercise techniques. Athletics can be unpredictable, and injuries do occur. When they do, we can help get the athlete back to full strength faster so they can get back to competition.

Private and semi-private options are available. However, we recommend no more than four people per semi-private session.