Team Training

At SPEAR Training Center, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness aspirations with expert guidance, dynamic classes, and a supportive community atmosphere. Explore a world of dynamic fitness classes tailored to push your limits and enhance your performance at SPEAR Training Center. Our specialized classes offer a diverse range of options to suit your goals and preferences.

Modified Strongman Training

This class comprises of compound movements that elicit a greater physiological demand on our body, resulting in greater fat loss and improved body composition. These compound movements will push you outside your comfort zone and challenge you both physically and mentally. Modified strongman is great for the general population as well as elite world-class athletes.

Sports Team Training

SPEAR offers strength and conditioning team training for entire sports teams. Whether it’s a travel club team or local school sports team, SPEAR can accomodate training and recovery programs to elevate your performance. What better way to train than with your teammates in a setting that will create camaraderie and team chemistry!